Adidas Has Introduced A Fresh New Adidas ACE 17.1 Colorway

Talk about a release that is Ice clean! adidas has introduced a fresh new adidas ACE 17.1 colorway that takes the range out of winter and into spring in spectacular fashion. Officially listed,this is the type of design that will stand out no matter where you play…..and that includes snow covered pitches!

Performance wise, there are not many boots that can compete with what adidas ACE 17.1 FG Soccer Cleats Energy Aqua/White/Legend Ink has on offer. We are in the process of finalizing a review of the second generation review and everything has been very positive. Featuring a higher than usual ankle collar and knit right through the upper, this is a bot that offers a very different fit and feel. Combining a very textured upper, with what feels like punched perforations layering, Primeknit 16.1 has a two-fold purpose; improve grip on the ball and lower the weight of the upper material.

For the first time, Primeknit covers the whole upper of the boot for total 360 degree control allowing players to boss everyone, with every touch, every part of the boot. The 3D knit structure gives unparalleled fit and grip. Specially engineered knit zones across the upper combine loose and tight formed knits to fit snugly to the unique shape of a player’s foot, enabling perfect ball control.

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