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  • Released Nike World Cup Superfly Series At

    It is not uncommon for a brand to make some changes to its line-up when it releases a new silo. In the process of releasing the Mercurial Superfly VI and Vapor XII, Nike made some more unusual changes, ones that we definitely didn’t expect. It has made the process of deciphering each boot on offer a little more difficult.

    And then there is the latest Nike Mercurial Superfly V Manchester United FG Football Boots Red/Black/White line-up, that has its own unique way of introducing boots. Designed with Cristiano Ronaldo’s story in line, this is the type of silo that automatically attracts a cult following. Here, we look to give you a breakdown of just what is on offer should you look to find you own boot with a Portuguese “CR7” styling to it.

    You can find everything released in the CR7 series at

    This is obviously the pinnacle of all CR7 releases, featuring all the top tech specs that Nike has on offer. Everything below is designed to mimic this release. If you are looking to have the same style boot as Ronaldo, it doesn’t come cheap!

    Here is where things get slightly tricky with the current Mercurial series. In the past, there would be a $170 version of the Superfly available, the Veloce. This time around the Superfly Pro makes its debut and offers players a slightly more cost effective solution to the Elite level option. You don’t get all the same tech specs, but they are very similar visually.

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  • Cheap Nike Superfly With Free Shipping To Bring More Savings

    If you missed out on the original limited release colorway, today is the day that the second edition is released to market. This version is a lot more subtle and will appeal to the more sophisticated speed demons out there. A primary Black base is fitted with some Solar Orange detailing for a dynamic look, and it proves to be a quality finished product.

    Find both boots today before they sell out, Superfly from

    Which one you go for depends on your personal style and taste. Personally, I prefer the regular, around the ankle cut as it keeps things feeling snug without impacting immediate ankle movements through cuts and turns. Some players like the added support/feel that the DF collar offers, but again it is all about personal preference!

    Whether it was through the advertising splash or the mass numbers of players wearing them this past week, I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of what the brand new Nike Mercurial Superfly V Real Madrid FG Football Boots White/Gold silo has to offer! Nike has spared no expense on this one, ensuring fans are fully aware that their latest release is the boot-of-choice for the fastest players in the game. Designed for “the perfect fit”, both the Nike Mercurial Superfly V and Vapor 360 release wraps your foot in Flyknit to respond effortlessly to your movements.

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  • The Best Selling Cheapest Nike Premier 2.0 In The World

    When everything is pieced together from a performance perspective, there isn’t a whole lot that differentiates both boots.With its second generation release in the series, Nike has made a few minor updates across the upper. These Nike Premier changes are not necessarily intended to change the performance of the boot, instead they simply add a fresh dynamic and updated look.

    1. More Traditional Stitching

    Rather than the arced front to midfoot stitching found on the original, the stitching now follows a similar trend to old school Tiempo releases. By adding double cross layer stitching over the forefoot, the leather upper now has more ability to stretch in multiple directions. Outside of that, there isn’t a whole lot different in play, with a clean touch and feel on the ball still maintained.

    2. Fold Over Tongue

    The key difference between both is the additional of a small flap tongue over the top of the laces. The only real reason to add a small tongue like this has to do with visuals, and giving the boot a more iconic feel. Velcro is added just under the tongue and helps keep it locked down during games, it won’t move or sit upright.

    3. Heel Hit

    The final significant change lies on the heel, where Nike has added a large signature Nike hit to create some added nostalgia for defenders that are left chasing you from behind! Featured in the same font found on older model Nike shows.

    Cheapest Nike Premier 2.0 FG - University Red/White/University Red are in a variety of sizes at greatly discounted prices at

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  • Shop Wholesale Nike Hypervenom 2018 At

    There is no doubt that Nike has established a very specific target market for their latest Buy Nike Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG Football Boots Australia release. No longer is the swoosh using the term “deadly agility” with the Hypervenom; now it is all about “lethal finishers”, each component designed for scoring goals. It is a radical move that takes the signature silo in a completely new direction.

    In order to take it to another level, every piece of the boot has been inspected and modified to suit an attack minded mold. From an off-cut dynamic fit collar, to a completely updated upper strike zone, there is a lot to break down on these. How do they actually perform on pitch and can they be worn by players in more positions than just strikers? Find out below!

    Check out all the latest Hypervenom 3 colorways at

    In typical Nike fashion, the intro release in the series features a wild colorway, designed to stand-out on pitch. And then there is the fact they are intended for a new type of player, something that definitely creates an extra air of intrigue. With so many new pieces, this is a boot with a lot to pieces to cover.

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  • 2018 Adidas Ace World Cup Buy Now At Special Prices

    If you have been waiting for a dynamic new adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol FG Champagne Football Boots Australia Off White/Core Black/Red colorway, adidas dropped a special “Turbocharge” release today.

    Featuring a Solar Green colorway that mimics the very first PURECONTROL release, these feature a much more responsive level of performance thanks to an upgraded PURECUT Sock System designed to lock the foot in place while adjusting to complex movements and a 360 degree fully PRIMEKNIT upper to ensure zero wear-in time. The boot also features the iconic adidas BOOST sole to deliver unrivalled energy return with every step. Paul Pogba and Mesut Ozil will take to key players to wear the boots on pitch this week.

    Find the ACE 17+ PURECONTROL to “Turbocharge” right now at

    Also Released in the Turbocharge Collection……..

    The Turbocharge ACE 17+ PURECONTROL Cage version features the same two-tone green colorway as the on-pitch silo. It includes a PRIMEKNIT upper with a layer of NSG film to provide close ball control and a stretchable layer of TECHFIT material to optimize comfort. The shoe features a green EVA strip above the heel’s BOOST and three stripes in chrome with gold accents.

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  • Get The Puma Future 18.1 For The 2018 World Cup Now

    If we look at the tech of the cleats, the Puma Netfit Eclipse colorway is the same as all previous editions. The Puma Future 18.1 Netfit soccer cleat has a textile upper with Puma's revolutionary Netfit lacing system for endless lacing options and a perfect fit.

    Puma Future 18.1 Netfit Mx FG White Green - Features

    . Form-fitting textile upper
    . Knitted sock for snug ankle fit
    . Netfit lacing system for multiple lacing options and optimal fit
    . Lightweight Pebax outsole with mix of conical and bladed studs

    A stunning look, the Puma Netfit Eclipse soccer cleats are almost completely with multi-colored, eclipse-inspired detailing on the upper.

    Puma this morning released an one-of-a-kind blackout colorway of the Puma Future 18.1 Netfit football boot. A special edition release, the black Puma Future Netfit 18 Eclipse football boots will not be worn by Puma's best players such as Reus and Griezmann.

    Take a look at our Puma Future football boots.We offer you the widest selection of top quality Puma Future at the best prices.All our football boots are at greatly discounted prices.Come and pick up a pair of these Puma Future boots for yourself today from!!!

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  • Get Your Own Pair Of Nike Magista World Cup Today

    If there was a boot in the Nike series that needed a serious face lift, it was the heat map labelled Nike Magista Obra II FG Revolution Pack 2018 Boots Wolf Grey/Red. You might recall how Nike basically turned the forefoot of the second generation Opus into the face of an oily teenage boy. As much as that sounded like a good idea, it really wasn’t. In fact, the pattern came out of the blue, not really conforming with what you would expect from a top tier Nike shoe. And sales really waned.

    Then came the latest version, with the swoosh taking a 360 degree approach by keeping things a little more simple. Out is the funky dimple pattern, and in is a texture that resembles the elite tier Magista Obra. The upper is still Kangalite, but it now features a wave style pattern that looks a lot more like what is found on the Obra. It isn’t identical, but visually they are difficult to differentiate. You can rejoice in the fact that you won’t have to relive those troubled youth years with your boots!

    See all the latest Magista Opus II and Magista Opus III releases at

    Performance wise, there wasn’t a great deal wrong with the second generation Opus. It just didn’t provide that wow factor that players expected. The dimples were hollow through the forefoot, so they actually collapsed as you came in contact with the ball, offering a dampening feel. Touch was clean and because of the position of the dimples, you could get a little extra spin as the ball came of the surface of the boot.

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  • Find All The Best 2018 Adidas Predator At

    Welcome in the adidas Predator 18. This isn’t your typical Predator style release, instead adidas has leveraged modern tech advancements to develop a new type of control boot.

    You just have to look at the inclusion of a higher cut collar and a CONTROLSKIN upper that doesn’t feature any famous rubber elements to see how they have evolved. There is no longer a direct emphasis on power; instead adidas has labelled this a boot intended to control the game. As you can imagine, reaction has been mixed, but there is no doubt about how these perform on pitch!

    Find the 2018 adidas Predator 18+ FG White Core Black available at

    So many changes, yet it is pretty awesome to see such an iconic name return to the market. adidas hasn’t held anything back in creating something that is very different to all other current boots. It adds to the innovative nature that has lived alongside the Predator since the very first pair was released. Seeing how the entire package comes together is going to be very interesting!

    This is the first ever Predator to feature a laceless style design, with the Primeknit upper offering the snug, sock-like fit that is absolutely necessary to wear them without falling off. And, of course, one of the most common questions I’ve received surrounds whether they actually do stay on your feet or not.

    The answer will all depend on your natural fit. The wider your foot, the more space you’ll take up inside the boot. I’ll talk more about fit below, but know that they are not designed to slip off your feet. That wouldn’t make sense. In fact, it takes some effort to get your feet in through the narrow and constrictive ankle opening, so as it turns out that is actually the bigger challenge!

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  • Order Your Own Pair Of Adidas Ace World Cup Now

    get you through big games, when you need to play at your top-level without having to worry about your boots? Here are the details on what you can expect should you decide laceless is the next boot for you!

    Find the current Buy adidas ACE 17+ Purecontrol FG Football Boots Australia Solar Green/Core Black/Core Green line-up at

    Between Red Limit and Checkered Black, adidas actually modified the design and altered the feel and fit of ACE17+ Purecontrol. This was most definitely an unusual move, as you’d expect the first release to have all of the silo’s signature characteristics.

    But, as it turns out, something wasn’t right with the first version and adidas took the bold move of switching things up immediately. Some point to the fact they shouldn’t have released an initial version that needed to be altered, while others applaud their proactive approach. Either way, the changes they made are positive and you can tell the difference just from taking them out the box.

    Without laces, you are essentially relying on the structure of the boot to lock your foot in place. Out of the box, the first thing you will notice about these is the fact the shape of the boot is held firmly intact, and that includes the higher cut ankle collar, or PrimeCut.

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  • Come And Pick Up A Pair Of These New Adidas Nemeziz

    Today, we welcome in a brand new silo in the form of the New Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360Agility FG Football Boots Australia Black/Black/White; a boot built for the agile creator. Nemeziz is going to play an important role in the market as it comes a key silo for adidas, alongside the Ace and X. It is also set to become the new boot for Leo Messi and a host of other key adidas players. Messi shifts over from the now retired Pureagility series, while the likes of Renato Sanches, Jesse Lingard and Roberto Firmino also switch to the new agility boot.

    So, what are they all about and what makes the Adidas Nemeziz so special?

    To design the ultimate tool for the agile soccer player, adidas tapped into a common ritual in ancient battle, in dance and in sport: the use of taping for increased physical and mental strength. The unique AGILITYBANDAGE features revolutionary TORSIONTAPES technology to keep the foot locked down and deliver ultimate fit, whilst a dual-lock collar secures the ankle in place to enable explosive change of direction.

    Finally, to ensure players can experience the same level of agility in any setting, Nemeziz from is also available in both Cage and Street versions. Bringing the same TORSIONTAPES and AGILITYKNIT 2.0 technology as the on-pitch boot, the most agile players will be given the same tools to support their agility in the cage and on the street.

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